Великодній квест

У середу, 12.04.2017, у 5-А класі відбувся «Великодній квест» англійською мовою на Софіївській площі. Учні показали гарну роботу в команді, вміння організувати себе, розподілити обов’язки між членами команди, щоб за визначений час знайти та зробити «селфі з великодньою писанкою» із запропонованого списку.


«Today was a special day for me and my classmates. We were on St.Sophia square where we took part in a quest. As for me, I was very excited because my supervisor told me to be the captain of my team. Our task was to find 25 eggs according to the list. In the beginning we lost the game but then we did our best to win. In the end we won and we got the highest marks. My friends and I felt tired but happy! J»

Piatko A.


«The quest was very interesting and moving. I liked how we walked around the center of Kyiv. The eggs were so beautiful and colourful! I wish we could go and see more of something new and informative. Thank you for this wonderful day!»

Fondera A.


«I liked it very much. There were many beautiful eggs but some of them were scary. It was hard to look for eggs because there were a lot of them. Some of the eggs were strange. In my opinion, the strangest was with the eye. It was scary because when you look inside it, it’s like a binocular.»

Kolesnikov E.


«This Easter quest was very happy! I will remember it for a long time! We learned how to work in groups, we explored our mind and different styles of eggs because none of them looked like another. Every egg had its own design and idea!»

Glynianchuk P.


«I liked everything in this quest! It wasn’t an ordinary quest, it was cool! I loved a lot when we made selfies. But most of all I liked working in a team. It was the best quest in my life!»

Matveeva M.

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